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WELCOME to TibiaFun 7.6 OTS!
Last joined us: Masza
Currently, the best player on the server is: Sky De Brava (1502). Congratulations !
Guilds on server: 4
Accounts on server 917
Players on server: 1197
Uptime: 22h 43m

Most powerfull guilds & TOP 5 players

Ni me mires

24 kills


8 kills


0 kills

1. Sky De Brava Level 1502 Paladin
2. Junior Level 1418 Knight
3. Cenna Level 1378 Knight
4. Master Mage Level 1369 Mage
5. Teamspeak Level 1357 Knight

2 Dec 2023 - Double Exp #14
Due to technical problems the exp rate will be doubled to Sunday 20:00 (8 pm).
Posted by Scorpion

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2 Dec 2023 - Changes #13
[1] We added statistic information in characters page (if your character information isn't hidden)
For mage:
- magic level

For paladin: 
- magic level
- distance fighting
- shielding

For knight:
- magic level
- club/sword/axe fighting
- shielding

[2] We added Quests page with link to tutorial
[3] In the account management page, if you have character with a namelock, you will receive appropriate information
Posted by Scorpion

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26 Nov 2023 - Changes #12
[1] We added confirmation page before you buy character via character market
[2] We automatically unhide character when it's in market
Posted by Scorpion

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How connect to TibiaFun 7.6 Ots?
You can use Tibia 7.6 (Orginal Client) + IP Changer and connect:
IP: Port: 7171
or you can "Download Client TibiaFun Ots 7.6 (TibiaFun.Zapto.Org) (Here)"

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We have new payment system
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We are inviting to Start Event !

On the server start players can win Premium Points
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